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    Miniaturization - iNPACK


    Advanced Packaging & Organic Substrates – All-in-One Solutions

    We offer Organic Substrate expertise with High-Density Line/Space Width and Advanced Packaging, that allows for smaller form factor and increased functionality, high thermal conductivity, and improved process stability.
    SiP-system in package prototypes or low/mid volume production – highly compatible with aerospace, defense, medical, and other top industry needs, is our core business. We specialize in heat dissipation solutions that ensure your projects meet high standards of performance and reliability in the shortest possible time to market.


    Substrate Design

    Our Substrate like PCB or (PCB-like substrates) rely on conventional PCB subtractive processes, but with a PPI resolution of 20 microns. The substrate is characterized not only by its resolution level but also by heat dissipation qualities, specific to thermal management of electronic devices, and interconnection capabilities. We focus on resolving any CTE mismatch between substrate and PCB, or dies and substrate; critical first and second-level reliability issues. We aim to enhance system reliability by using organic substrate PCB technology, instead of ceramic or silicon interposers, currently in use; although known to be time-intensive, high-cost options.

    Organic Substrates

    Advanced Packaging Assembly

    Our unique assembly process designs enable you to achieve high-level customized results, with IC packaging solutions that are tailor-made to your specific applications. You are no longer bound to a particular design process dictated by individual fabricators or semiconductor packaging companies. Instead, we offer you the design freedom to choose among many custom options, such as Antenna in Package, Flip Chip QFN package technology, Filter on Package and more; to ensure solutions are perfectly aligned with your project needs.

    Substrate BGA Solder Ball

    Technological Edge

    When you think miniaturization, think iNPACK: experts in Organic Substrates and Enhanced Micro-electronics Packaging Technologies. iNPACK capabilities enable us to deliver complete and comprehensive substrate panel-level manufacturing and engineering support to our customers, in fact they depend on it. We continuously work to improve interconnections between PCB, Substrate and Semiconductors, through our know-how in advanced technologies. Solutions include Organic Substrate materials, IC Substrates, Die Packaging, Chip on Chip technology and much more. With our creative solutions and enhanced design flexibility we can deliver high-speed, thermal and RF pathways that simplify integration processes, which in turn, improve overall system reliability. For your piece of mind, our common design rules (PCB, Substrate, and Packaging), are conveniently located under one roof.

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