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Sourcing Specialists

iNPACK excels in sourcing high-quality, low-cost resources that benefit our clients both locally and internationally. By giving them efficient access to cost-effective global suppliers, without compromising on quality, we help to ensure their project goals are met on-time and on-budget.

Customization at iNPACK goes hand-in-hand with innovation and advanced design concepts. We provide clients with unparalleled sourcing strategies; going beyond simple procurement, for highly efficient and effective tailor-made solutions.

Low/Mid Volume Production

iNPACK is expertly matched for low to mid-volume production. Our comprehensive sourcing capabilities span the globe, with a focus on connecting clients with top-tier suppliers they can rely on for flexible, cost-effective production runs. In this way, clients with lower volume requirements, still receive the same level of quality and efficiency as larger operations. It’s ideal for companies seeking scalable solutions and personalized service; making iNPACK the perfect partner for growing businesses aiming to optimize production.

High Volume Production

iNPACK has the advantage of global partners located in various LLC, (low-cost countries - not China), throughout the Far East & Asia, that can easily support large-scale production needs (typically in the millions). In addition, our commercial trade division offers full Turn-Key services.

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