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SiP Design

Advanced System-in-Package (SiP) solutions are multi-component, multifunction products that leverage PCB Technologies’ core strengths in order to offer our customers higher levels of miniaturized integration with reduced lead times. These include:

  • Packaging solutions
  • Size reduction
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Ultra-thin with fine lines & spacing
  • Controlled CTE
  • 3D design
  • Shielding options
  • Sealing solutions
  • Fine pitch flip-chip and copper pillar
  • Double side assembly
  • Development & production testing
  • Turnkey solutions

We offer a high-efficiency All-in-One Solution, resulting in brighter ideas and better-quality products at significantly shorter lead times. Our advanced R&D center, located within the same large complex as our manufacturing facilities, allows for the seamless creation of custom SiP; from design to manufacture, assembly, and testing.

Mass Production

PCB Technologies offers cost-effective, quick-turn production, quality, and technological enhancement.
On the one hand, we have long years of experience in PCB design and manufacturing. On the other hand, we offer production floor services through our local operation LLC office, which gives you the advantage of a competitive price, lead time, and logistics support. We are fully compliant with various quality standards such as ISO9000, ISO9001, AS9100, and TS16349. This provides you the benefit of one-stop-shop services – from design, through production, up to import/export handling, all under one roof.

NPI - New Product Introduction

We have extensive experience providing a range of New Product Introduction (NPI) services. Our primary operational model allows for speedy delivery, with full management of NPI activities that encompass supply chain management, technical overview, and engineering overview.

Our clients enjoy a seamless product transition from prototype to production that includes the design and fabrication of dedicated tooling.


In the event of a product malfunction or if the product ceased to operate in the field – we can repair it or replace it as per your requirement.

Reballing & BGA Replacement

Well-equipped to perform various kinds of rework operations on both electronic and mechanical assemblies, per customers’ requirements, PCB Technologies offers BGA and QFN components rework using a dedicated state-of-the-art ERSA rework machine, with the latest technology in Infrared BGA Re-balling.


The PCB Technologies procurement department acquires raw materials from our trusted global network of suppliers located in Asia, Europe, and North America. Over decades, we’ve built up a robust supply chain of strategic partnerships that consistently provide us with proven quality, reliable service, and cost-effective solutions.

PCB Assembly

We provide a wide range of PCB Assembly Services for various products and industries based on cutting-edge automation and processes including POP – Package on Package, 01/005 Components, Micro BGAs, Flexible PCBs, Multi-Layered Prints, and more. Our services span from PCBA Assembly and mechanical assembly through integration and ICT,J-TAG, and final testing of PCBA, complete systems, and products. Also available – Acrylic coating by a fully automatic machine, Potting, Ultrasonic soldering, and DfM.
Whether you need a low volume or a high volume of PCBs, you’ll always receive the same high standards of quality from our certified manufacturing facility (ISO9001/ISO14001/ISO13485). All PCB Technologies solutions are assembled by certified experts (IPC-A-610 and J-STD-001.

Bare Die & Component Sourcing

PCBs are only as good as their constituent components; that’s why sourcing is such a critical operation. Over the years, PCB Technologies has grown a strong, stable global network of strategic partners, providing us with the purchasing power to source the very best components at comfortable prices.

We source the most compatible components for any and all customer requirements, helping to optimize costs by managing set-up and storage. Our experts will suggest alternative components, when necessary, to ensure a secure line of supply.

Comprehensive Testing Plan

Testing is a crucial part of the PCB Design & Assembly Process. We work closely with our clients to identify the optimum testing requirements for each unique project.

Our cutting-edge in-house testing capabilities enable us to carry out the most comprehensive and highly efficient test procedures across the entire production process and through to final inspection. Our customers can be confident that every PCB meets the same high-quality standards from start to finish.

Comprehensive Testing Plan - PCBA

We offer extensive process control, starting from the initial assembly stages to functional testing of different products. We carry out quality control for all products and processes and maintain high-performance analysis and debugging of electronic failures. We perform functional/Pre-functional dedicated ATP, burning, automatic BI room, and analytical and diagnostic troubleshooting.


An entire suite of Design for Manufacturing (DfM) services that expertly analyze PCB designs with the aim of improving quality, yields, and delivery times while also reducing costs. 

  • Careful evaluation identifies potential setbacks early in the PCB design stage, where we waste no time in recommending alternative methods to help boost quality, lower costs, and speed up TTM. 
  • Our DfM engineering analysis examines the PCB production process layer by layer, checking out all available options, such as reducing the number of layers or consolidating components in order to cut costs sensibly and responsibly. 
  • By conducting post-build reviews after every production cycle, we reveal additional methods of streamlining manufacturing for better yields at lower costs.

Design for Testability (DfT) services help to identify possible snags with PCB designs before starting mass production, minimizing defects while maximizing reliability and repeatability.

The In-Circuit Test (ICT) can pinpoint defects in the board from the assembly process, such as component mismatches, misplacements, or missing components. PCB Technologies also delivers functionality tests, whereby PCBs are tested in their final production environment to ensure proper functionality according to specs.

Our Value Analysis/Value Engineering (VA/VE) solutions enable customers to gain the maximum value from their PCB designs. Unlocking greater product value through continuous improvements is facilitated by combining our services: Design for Manufacturing (DfM), Design for Testability (DfT), Design for Procurement (DfP), Design for Cost (DfC), and Design for Assembly (DfA). 

PCB Technologies works hand-in-hand with customers not only to improve existing PCB designs but also to support clients’ new product designs, from launch through scaling-up production and long-term management.

Full Turnkey

With a long history of cutting-edge PCB design expertise, coupled with top-tier production capabilities, our customers rely exclusively on PCB Technologies for their PCB Full Turnkey projects.

We utilize the latest technologies and automation equipment to create high-quality production processes; tailored to the product requirements. Solutions involve all aspects of assembly — efficiently transforming part integration, cabling, and electronics, into modules or end products. Customers also benefit from our broad market purchasing power in sourcing the best components at cost-effective prices.

Full System Integration

As a One-Stop-Shop solutions provider, PCB Technologies adopts an all-in-one approach in the design, fabrication, and assembly of high-reliability, multi-layer, complex boards, unique interconnect solutions, plus ground-breaking miniaturization and advanced packaging solutions, all under one expansive roof. 

Our comprehensive range of services includes advanced PCB design, manufacturing, assembly, box-building and testing, thermal management, High Current, High Frequency, High Speed, HDI, Sequential Lamination, Rigid, Flex, Rigid-flex materials, and much more.

An on-site, certified cleanroom manufacturing facility ensures that sensitive PCB components are free from contamination. We have the following certifications: ISO9001/ISO14001/ISO13485/TSI16949) and are compliant with ESD requirements. The results are higher quality and better lead times.

Circuit Editing

PCB Technologies supports PCB designs at all complexity levels. Our expert teams are available to advise customers on optimal PCB materials, structures, and designs best suited to their unique product needs.

This includes optimization of component placement, EMC optimization and impedance checking, thermal management, DfM, high-speed, and more. We also design PCBs to meet specific standards, such as HDMI, MIPI, LVDS, PCIe, DDR3, LPDDR3, and DDR4.



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