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Miniaturization – special laminate materials and buried capacitors technology in the works



27th January ,2022

PCB Technologies strives for constant improvement of its miniaturization technological solutions.

The main challenge to be addressed is decreasing the PCBA Volume and footprint. One way of achieving these is by utilizing buried capacitors’ technology. These can be built into predefined layers thus reducing the number of passive Capacitors to be soldered onto the PCB (or even eliminating the use of such components). Reaching that goal can be based on the deep knowledge and usage of special laminate materials.

The material at hand should be characterized by a high dielectric constant- enabling high capacitance, as well as a high breakdown field. Its main advantage is its extremely small thickness- down to 8 μm. Its disadvantage relies on its fragility. If you wish to avoid reaching its breaking point or its ability to fold rather easily and thus impair the PCB insulation, you need specific expertise allowing you to manipulate it to the proper condition and prevent its bend. Relevant know-how involves mechanical, chemical, and design aspects – all should be utilized to guarantee PCB integrity and high yields.

PCB Technologies’ All-in-One approach brings unique value to its customers on the PCBA  and system levels. Especially when they call on us in the early stages of the PCB & PCBA design.

That way we can suggest target product-compatible materials and production processes. Deploying the most appropriate raw material at this stage assures the use of buried capacitors. Though they might add to the total PCB thickness, the overall saving on the PCBA Volume is crucial to the system miniaturization.

This material is suitable for high-frequency capacitors, and high breakdown voltage and high capacitance density. they make soldering redundant and increase the PCB reliability since the capacitors are already embedded/pressed in its stack up and for that reason require no extra connections.

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