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New miniaturization technology



25th October ,2021

Miniaturization compels us to constantly look for and implement new technologies.

One such technology involves placing components inside the PCB by either embedding or burying passives such as capacitors or resistors as well as active components. We at PCB Technologies are working on integrating capacitors into the PCB stack up. These can be built into predefined layers thus reducing the number of passive SMT (Surface Mounted Technology) components on the PCB outer layers.

Our All-in-One approach means we are involved from the very earliest stages of PCB design. We assist with selecting the correct material based on required capacitance for the buried capacitors and needed material thickness for the embedded capacitors.

This, in turn, allows more efficient utilization of the PCB’s surface and better yield during production. Fewer components on the PCB surface mean it is possible to miniaturize the PCB.

In addition to our extensive experience with a large variety of off-the-shelf raw materials, we offer support to our customers in deciding which RM to use for the most cost-efficiency.

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