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A new back drill technique guarantees increased depth control and tolerance



18th August ,2021

With today's ever-growing demand on electronic systems, PCBs are required to be more complex with a greater number of features, while at the same time cheaper. We are in constant pursuit after improved signal integrity, fewer press lamination cycles, reduced lead times and high-level of drill accuracy.

PCB Technologies has embraced a new solution and took it to the next level. A unique depth drill technique, based on fine tuning of the Z axis, by utilizing new machinery equipped with CCD camera. This method guaranties our customers the value of increased depth control and tolerance. As a result we facilitate minimized dialectical distance (5-7 mil.), which, in turn, decreases the stub length (4-6 mil.) and ensures back drill diameter equalizing to the finish drill size + 4 mil.

The process features also a designated measuring system that enables greater control of the drilling depth. This, in turn, increases the accuracy of the back drilling process.

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