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Faster, More Accurate Production of HDI PCBs

Tal Levy


16th April ,2024


The rollout of 5G networks has increased demand for high-performance, super-efficient electronic components. High-Density Interconnect (HDI) PCB technology, with its ability to integrate a far greater number of components within a much smaller footprint, is considered ‘A Critical Component’ in the development of 5G infrastructure.

The rise of devices dependent upon HDI technology has swiftly grown to encompass a huge range of applications, such as telecommunications, consumer electronics, IoT, medical, automotive, wearables and more. Already in 2021, PCB Technologies recognized the market need for a faster and more accurate means of production for HDI PCBs, and therefore wasted no time in outfitting their facility with an advanced solution:

The ‘Excellon Cobra Hybrid Laser’ system, featuring both UV and IR (CO2) laser capabilities that cover a wide range of Flex and Rigid-flex circuit processing applications. Optimized Via drilling and profiling are achieved using a high-energy, short pulse width UV laser, combined with a super-pulsed CO2

Clean, sharp ablation drilling enables a robust and uniform Via plating for electrical conductivity in (HDI).

See examples below:

PCB HDI mil drill

Sample 4-18, 10 mil drill buried Vias 3-16

HDI sequential lamination

HDI 3 X sequential lamination X-axis cross-section, top row of stacked on buried Vias (10 mil drill)

PCB HDI buried Vias

HDI 3 X sequential lamination X-axis cross-section, top row of stacked on buried Vias (10 mil drill)


HDI PCBs - The Future is Clear

As more devices are developed as a result of new technological trends, the need for higher complexity PCBs will also increase. What is considered cutting-edge today will very quickly become standard, and the focus will shift to on-boarding the next innovation as quickly as possible.

For that reason, technologically advanced PCB Manufacturing companies must be willing to support higher complexity; more layer builds, finer pitch, different materials, etc. This in turn leads to a very real and practical demand for new equipment, new raw materials and the ability to take production to the next level. 

As an adept PCB solutions provider, PCB Technologies is both agile and resourceful enough to meet each new technology and innovation that hits the market head on. Whether in design, development or production, we’re able to gear-up with the most advanced machinery, sophisticated instrumentation and complex processes, to answer the needs of our customers for today and tomorrow.

Before you start your next project, contact one of our experts experienced in HDI, Rigid, Rigid-flex, IC packaging and more. Find out how PCB Technologies can work for you.

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