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In-house HATS (Highly Accelerated Thermal Shock) lab- Evaluating reliability for extended survivability



10th October ,2021

PCB Technologies has an in-house #HATS (Highly Accelerated Thermal Shock) lab. This unique capability allows easy implementation of HATS tests as an ordinary course of action. With the years, we have accumulated vast experience with a variety of materials and their dedicated applications. This provides us with the ability to advise our customers better when choosing the best materials for their needs.

During manufacturing and later during the life cycle of a PCB the material goes through many thermal cycles. The result is constant expansion and shrinkage. This in turn affects the vias, whether they be blind, buried or through. The Copper plating of the vias sees, at times, massive stress during production and in use. This can result in cracks along the via barrel or separation between layers (delamination).

Not opting to conduct this test in the PCB design stage might also affect the PCBA stage when faulty PCBs are not identified and scrapped. That, in turn, might diminish the level of survivability of the whole system and damage the customer’s prestige in the process.

Our All-in-One approach ensures a tight interface between all production levels and their electrical test & inspection processes. Our IPC-9151D standard-based HATS lab evaluates the interconnects reliability and thus the PCB’s survivability. After 6x reflow simulation at 230°C or 260°C, coupons are exposed to extreme heat/cold cycles. This way, we can determine how reliably the PCBs will operate in the field conditions where they are to be deployed.

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