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The best of both worlds



8th December ,2021

The competitive, fast-track market in which electronic device designers operate compels us to develop out-of-the-box solutions. We need to consider cost-effectiveness, quick-turn production, quality, and technological enhancement of our products.

PCB Technologies' All-in-One commercial trade department offers you just that. On the one hand, we have long years of experience in PCB design and manufacturing, providing complete technological know-how. On the other, we offer production floor services through our local operation China office, which gives you the advantage of competitive price, lead time, and logistics support. When it comes to quality, we are fully compliant with various quality standards such as ISO9000, ISO9001, AS9100, and TS16349. This holistic approach allows you the benefit of one-stop-shop services - from design, through production, up to import/export handling, all under one roof.

Whether HMLV or LMHV production, we do it all through our global suppliers in China and South-East Asia, Europe, and U.S.A. For further information pls contact us.

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