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PCB Technologies in support of the Aerospace industry



21st September ,2021

As no system should fail in the air or in space, the quality control system ensures 100% of our products are defects free. Certified for AS9100 and NADCAP, we provide our All in One solution to a wide variety of industries, including the Aerospace industry. Should it be HDI boards or PCBAs with BGA connectors and ZERO voids attachments - we do it all. The latest example of that is the implementation of a comprehensive quality control system in one of our prime customers’ ruggedized systems for space.

Our process was based on three main verticals:

1. A solid quality & inspection plan throughout the production process spanning from PCB, through PCBA and the entire system integration

2. Detailed definition of the interactions between all inspections steps to optimize risk assessment and root cause analysis

3. Continuous feedback to enable improved yield and system performance

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